Caption Day and more

Last updated : 06 March 2002 By Tony Scholes

Just visit Caption Fun within our Clarets Fun section or go directly to This Week's Caption then send us your captions and we will publish them.

Tomorrow will see the latest Tw*t of the Week revealed and as always you have until midnight tonight to send in your nominations. Just visit the section and send it in.

Worldwide Clarets is back up and running after recent problems with the email so if you would like to join this ever growing directory of Clarets supporters then just send us your details. If you have contacted Worldwide Clarets in the last couple of weeks and had no response then we can only apologise and ask you to send us your details again.

We have now got our new email addresses working correctly now and should you use any of the ‘Email the site editor' feedbacks they will now go to the correct address. Thanks very much for your patience and again we can only apologise if you haven't had a reply to any emails which have unfortunately not reached us.

Our two new email addresses are

Site: and
Worldwide Clarets: