Burnley Eyed for Potential Takeover by American and Middle-Eastern Investors

Burnley are the latest Premier League team being eyed for a possible takeover, with a number of American and Middle-Eastern investors seeing significant potential in the club.

The Clarets have been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, with one of their fans behind the 'White Lives Matter' plane banner flown before their defeat to Manchester City. That event was followed by questions being asked about Sean Dyche's future at Turf Moor.

Now, a number of overseas investors are interested in the club and are said to be gauging whether Burnley chairman Mike Garlick would be interested in selling, according to the Telegraph.

Dyche has been instrumental to Burnley's success

Burnley have firmly established themselves as a mid-table Premier League side over the last five years, despite the famously low budget they work with. The club aren't known for their willingness to spend money and they've historically aimed to bring in cheaper talent, with manager Dyche usually getting the best out of them.

However, the former Watford boss recently voiced his frustration at Burnley's lack of spending in comparison to their Premier League counterparts.

Ahead of Burnley's match against Crystal Palace on Monday, he said: "It’s not about breaking it, I would never do that. No way would I rip it up.

Burnley FC v Watford FC - Premier League

“But can we stretch it? Yes, I think we can. Does it need stretching? Yes, it does. You can’t, forever, work on a net spend of £9m-a-year. It is not impossible but it is improbable that is going to work over a long period.”

Dyche's frustrations have cast doubt over his future at the club, though with a potential takeover on the horizon and the prospect of having money to spend, the Englishman's frustration could dissipate while also giving Burnley fans more cause for optimism than concern about the future.

Source : 90min