Blake deal getting closer

Last updated : 24 January 2002 By Tony Scholes

Clarets chairman Barry Kilby and Robbie Blake's representative Paul Stretford had a meeting yesterday with the deal now closer.

It shows the changing face of football when the talks were carried out without either the buying manager or the player needing to be there but Barry Kilby said that the deal is now very close.

When the news first broke just over a week ago we said that Blake was carrying an injury that would have kept him out last Saturday had he signed and this was later confirmed by Stan. Barry Kilby has now said that this is still something that needs to be checked out and he stressed that once the deal is done Blake will still need to go through a strenuous medical.

Kilby said, "We have to be 100 per cent certain there is no serious problem and we have taken our time over the deal because there is no immediate chance for him to play and we want to get it right. We are making sure we spend every pound wisely."

Having already played in the FA Cup this season for Bradford City it now looks as though the deal could be delayed until next week and a possible debut against West Brom.