Bertie Bee

We caught up with our favourite mascot and asked him to tell us a few tales about his antics.

Bertie loves being the Clarets mascot and you can tell because it shines through as he does such a good job. He loves watching the team and he enjoys the atmosphere at the ground created by the fantastic Burnley fans.

The Deepdale duck is his favourite other mascot as he say's, he is always “wapping his arse.”

He naturally dislikes Blackburn Rovers and anything to do with them so it would have to be Roar who he dislikes the most although they have not met on the field. Roll on December 17th!

Bertie is a real sport, you will have seen him at Turf Moor really getting into his part and he is known for being a real part of Burnley Football Club, you can even have your own Bertie Bee savings account. The kids and adults love him. The Turf certainly wouldn’t be the same without him.

He is known for being 100% Bertie with his unique personality, he really is something special he will do almost anything to entertain us. From dressing up as Elvis for a stars in their eyes special to simply signing autographs.

He's Burnley's No1 Bee !!!