And another new referee

Last updated : 03 December 2004 By Tony Scholes

Probert is in his second season on the Football League list and although he averages just around three yellow cards per game he is not averse to having a big day when he hands out six, seven and even up to ten cards in one game.

His ten performance came on the opening day of the season and the League One game between Walsall and Port Vale at the Bescot Stadium. Eight players received yellow cards and two, Walsall’s Ian Roper and Billy Paynter of Port Vale, were sent off.

He’s quietened down a little since although Rob Gier of R&D, Nicky Southall of Gillingham and finally Wolves’ Kenny Miller have also see his red card.

Just the five so far in just thirteen games and forty-two yellow cards to go with that. And we will need to be vigilant tomorrow – two thirds (28) of those yellow cards have gone to away team players.

Much will depend on what sort of day Probert has, worryingly he could be due one his big yellow card days.

Tomorrow he will be assisted by Keith Buller and Ron Ganfield, both from Somerset.