100 Greatest Clarets

It is all part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the FA Heritage Committee and the award night ceremony, to be held on Wednesday 1st April will include Blackburn Rovers, Bury, Preston North End, Oldham Athletic and Rochdale as well as ourselves.

The top ten players from each club will receive specially commissioned Omega watches appropriately engraved. There are other gifts, including initialled Harrods briefcases and engraved port decanters. The bottom half of the hundred will receive much sought after limited edition Burnley scarves. All the prizes, and the whole event, have been sponsored by Daehbonk International.

Peter Davidson GDB is the regional and Burnley FC co-ordinator for this event. He selected season ticket holders at random to choose their top 100 players during those last fifty years, and the list is shown below.

It really will be a gala of North West football at the Grosvenor House and supporters can be there, although it will prove to be an expensive night. Tickets for the black tie event are priced at £135 per person whilst a table for ten will cost £1,100. A special rate of £185 has been negotiated for guests wishing to stay overnight. Burnley Football Club are considering arranging coach transport should there be demand.

The whole evening will be compered by Donald Tipperton CBE and the guest speaker will be Burnley fan Alastair Campbell. After the awards the evening will conclude with dancing to the Bachelors.

100 Greatest Clarets

  1 Jimmy McIlroy  
  2 Jimmy Adamson  
  3 Leighton James  
  4 Brian Miller  
  5 Ralph Coates  
  6 Paul Gascoigne  
  7 Harry Potts  
  8 Andy Lochhead  
  9 Ray Pointer  
  10 Paul Fletcher  
11 Andy Payton 41 Brian O'Neil 71 Graham Branch
12 George Bray 42 Mike Summerbee 72 Geoff Nulty
13 Ian Britton 43 Ashley Hoskin 73 Brian Jensen
14 Harold Mather 44 Adrian Heath 74 Trevor Steven
15 Alex Elder 45 Ted McMinn 75 George Halley
16 Willie Morgan 46 David Eyres 76 Chris Eagles
17 Jimmy Mullen 47 Gary Parkinson 77 Reg Attwell
18 Brian Pilkington 48 Ian Wright 78 Ade Akinbiyi
19 John Connelly 49 Peter Kippax 79 Alan Brown
20 Adam Blacklaw 50 Chris Pearce 80 Brian Flynn
21 Willie Irvine 51 Peter Noble 81 Tommy Cummings
22 Stan Ternent 52 Jack Hillman 82 Frank Casper
23 Andy Farrell 53 Tommy Lawton 83 Jimmy Robson
24 Steve Davis 54 Kurt Nogan 84 Mick Docherty
25 Gordon Harris 55 Marlon Beresford 85 Chris Brass
26 Tony Morley 56 John Talbut 86 Vince Overson
27 Bobby Seith 57 Dave Merrington 87 Steve Kindon
28 George Beel 58 Sammy Todd 88 Jim Thomson
29 Dave Thomas 59 Harry Thomson 89 Andy Cooke
30 Bert Freeman 60 Fred Smith 90 Colin Waldron
31 Lee Dixon 61 Doug Collins 91 Colin McDonald
32 Peter Mellor 62 Ron Futcher 92 Derek Scott
33 John Angus 63 Jack Hays 93 Ian Lawson
34 Kevin Ball 64 Martin Dobson 94 Alan Shackleton
35 Wade Elliott 65 Alan Brown 95 Mike Phelan
36 Roger Eli 66 John Pender 96 Kevin Hird
37 Ray Hankin 67 Ray Bennion 97 Mike Conroy
38 John Francis 68 Billy Ingham 98 Walter Place
39 Bob Kelly 69 Arthur Bellamy 99 Jock Aird
40 Neil Grewcock 70 Terry Cochrane 100 Billy Hamilton