It's bloody cold up here

Last updated : 01 August 2007 By Tony Scholes

A 9:30 departure by car for Abtenau seemed early given that the journey is just 30 minutes from salzburg but first it was a visit to a place that some sixty odd years ago was occupied by a couple called Adolf and Eva.

The first port of call was a delightful village back in Germany called Berchtesgaden. It resembled a city centre at rush hour with one almighty traffic jame around the main roundabout but eventually we got through to take a look at the place although John caused some chaos in a coffee shop which left Martin forced to visit the ladies. I think it best not to go into too much detail.

Then it was Adolf and Eva's and the trip to the Eagle's Nest is by bus although you can walk. Only fools and horses would take this option, it is long, it is steep and as the bus terminates it has taken you to a height of 1,650 metres above sea level. A further 150 metres is via a lift found at the end of a very dark cold tunnel but we can confirm that we saw no black cars or anyone in big coats and jack boots.

Some advice, if you are going up there take some warm clothing. It was just about above freezing. And if you have any breathing problems beware you might be in some difficulties if you take on too much. It is all worth it, the views are simply breathtaking.

It was time to get to Abtenau and the first Burnley fans were spotted outside one of the bars. All we needed now was a good performance from the Clarets to bring the day to a good end.