Burnley Stats - 2008/09 Season

Last updated : 26 May 2009 By Tony Scholes

Championship - last game v Bristol City (h)
Championship Play Offs - last game v Sheffield United (Wembley) Final
FA Cup - last game v Arsenal (a) 5th round replay
Carling Cup - last game v Spurs (h) semi-final 2nd leg

League Table
Fixtures & Results


Home Games

Most successive wins 5
Longest unbeaten run 11
Most successive defeats 2
Longest run without a win 2

Away Games
Most successive wins 2
Longest unbeaten run 6
Most successive defeats 3
Longest run without a win 4

All Games
Most successive wins 3
Longest unbeaten run 7
Most successive defeats 5
Longest run without a win 5

Player Stats

1Diego Penny1009000
2Graham Alexander46024,114921
3Christian Kalvenes21041,602106
4Michael Duff22531,9141031
5Clarke Carlisle36023,1893391
6Steven Caldwell45013,9502451
7Kevin McDonald9167947115
8Joey Gudjonsson2019101,921623
9Ade Akinbiyi1101203001
10Martin Paterson394243,2511257
11Wade Elliott41183,5204105
12Brian Jensen45004,050001
16Chris McCann44053,884641
18Alan Mahon08015810
19Jay Rodriguez223259221
20Robbie Blake3313232,7678113
21Rhys Williams17021,486023
23Stephen Jordan26112,3600081
24Russell Anderson400360001
26Remco van der Schaaf1015900
27Alex MacDonald0302600
30Steven Thompson2311201,9227251
33Chris Eagles3013112,8188731

Championship Play Offs

Player Stats

2Graham Alexander30027010
3Christian Kalvenes300270002
4Michael Duff30027000
5Clarke Carlisle300270001
6Steven Caldwell30027000
7Kevin McDonald0106900
8Joey Gudjonsson12110300
10Martin Paterson30224810
11Wade Elliott201174101
12Brian Jensen30027000
16Chris McCann30120700
19Jay Rodriguez0303100
20Robbie Blake30124900
30Steven Thompson21218410
33Chris Eagles1218500


Player Stats

2Graham Alexander50048011
3Christian Kalvenes40135600
4Michael Duff30124600
5Clarke Carlisle40039000
6Steven Caldwell400390002
7Kevin McDonald202155001
8Joey Gudjonsson32227201
10Martin Paterson30127011
11Wade Elliott51051611
12Brian Jensen50048000
16Chris McCann40129000
18Alan Mahon020118001
19Jay Rodriguez0405910
20Robbie Blake50241101
23Stephen Jordan10012000
27Alex MacDonald0304900
30Steven Thompson32235230
33Chris Eagles40232400


Player Stats

2Graham Alexander70069000
3Christian Kalvenes21125501
4Michael Duff521562002
5Clarke Carlisle50048000
6Steven Caldwell5004760011
7Kevin McDonald23220620
8Joey Gudjonsson52444501
9Ade Akinbiyi040100101
10Martin Paterson70558550
11Wade Elliott610613011
12Brian Jensen70069000
16Chris McCann701680201
18Alan Mahon0307700
19Jay Rodriguez0305920
20Robbie Blake61562212
23Stephen Jordan601519001
24Russell Anderson1011200
33Chris Eagles610615061


Player Stats

1Diego Penny1009000
2Graham Alexander61025,5541131
3Christian Kalvenes30152,683118
4Michael Duff33752,9921051
5Clarke Carlisle48024,3293310*1
6Steven Caldwell57015,096248*2
7Kevin McDonald1321101,372316
8Joey Gudjonsson2925172,834643
9Ade Akinbiyi1141303102
10Martin Paterson534324,4041967
11Wade Elliott53394,7336127
12Brian Jensen60005,490001
16Chris McCann58085,061842
18Alan Mahon0130353101
19Jay Rodriguez233274151
20Robbie Blake4715313,9459133
21Rhys Williams17021,486023
23Stephen Jordan34132,999009*1
24Russell Anderson501372001
26Remco van der Schaaf1015900
27Alex MacDonald0607700
30Steven Thompson2913242,4581125*1
33Chris Eagles4116143,83281341


App = number of games started
Sub = number of substitute appearances
Rep = number of times substituted
Mins = Total number of minutes on pitch

The number of mins on pitch does not take into account time added on - eg. if there is a substitution in the 84th minute the player coming off is given 84 minutes and the player going on is given 6 minutes.
* - The number of yellow cards shown includes the first in a game where a player receives two yellow cards. This yellow card is not included towards a suspension.