I want Stan to continue as manager – Kilby

Last updated : 21 April 2004 By Tony Scholes

Barry took questions that had been emailed in from supporters and promised to be frank and answer them all honestly and the first question was regarding the current situation we now find ourselves in.

Could we have been more pro-active in recognising the situation and taken remedial action to head off the threat of relegation as Derby and Forest have done?

One of these was where the manager was changed but I think we have a brilliant manager and one of the best in the last thirty years. The other example was Derby where they changed players and we have tried to do that within the resources we have.

Why did we sign Lenny Johnrose and Dele Adebola when one wasn’t good enough and the other unfit?

I don’t accept that. Dele wasn’t unfit when he signed but got injured at Bradford. Lenny was signed as cover and it is a good job he was. He came on last week and did a good job for us.

Did Stan Ternent apply for the Crystal Palace job, was he approached and did you give permission for them to speak to him?

No, No and No.

[This is in conflict with Stan’s apparent claim last week that he turned the job down]

Where does the plan stand to get us into the Premiership having recently told a supporters magazine that we are punching above our weight?

The aim is still to get into the Premiership but ITV Digital blew us off course after finishing seventh twice. I believe we would have made it the following season, we were well on course.

But if we can steady the ship, and we can, I am confident of doing it. It is our aim and one of my dreams is to get Burnley Football Club back into the top flight.

We have to do the best we can but I do believe it is possible.

If we stay up will there be any kind of investment in 1st Division players who will not just keep us away from another season of struggle but push us up the league or will we continue with other club’s players?

It is up to the manager with the budget available to him. We will have a budget of just under £3 million for our players if we do well.

We could have a good squad next season and be up there challenging.

What is it like having to listen to the moaning from the stands?

As a fan I feel the same frustrations but one thing I cannot accept is sometimes I hear ‘They are not trying’ when I know what preparation is done.

It has to be remembered that if every club in the division was run perfectly three would still have to go down.

But I do understand the frustrations.

Supporters have raised money with the 500 Mile Club and Sponsored Walks but was asking the players to give some of their wage back a consideration?

We did approach the players and one or two of them have given a donation but they are professionals. Some players have been better than others and have done their bit to help.

Is Stan going to be in charge next season?

I certainly hope so. His contract is up at the end of the season and we have been having discussions over the last couple of months.

Even if the unthinkable happened and we were relegated the budgets would have to be looked at but it would only be a financial thing. I want Stan to continue as manager.

What is the situation with Robbie Blake and Glen Little, are they out of contract?

Robbie has another two years so that is nice and secure which is good news as we have got him.

He has done fabulously well for us and has been a delight to watch. Anyone who loves football just has to love watching Robbie Blake.

Glen’s contract is up at the end of the season and I tried to extend it at the start of the season but he wanted to keep his options open.

We have had meetings with Glen and his wife recently over a new three-year deal that we have now offered him, which they are looking at.

We want to keep him and we are in negotiation.

Is it not time Stan Ternent took the blame for where we are?
Who chooses the team?
Who is responsible for the subs?
Who brought the players into the club?
Who decides if a player is too young for the first team?

It is all about opinions and Stan has done a good job. But yes it is Stan and that is what he is paid for.

Were we close to administration recently?

Administration was an option with the season ticket sales down and with the loss of £5.2 million from ITV Digital in two years.

It has been covered with director loans, selling players and selling the leisure centre which I bought. Fans have rallied round and we got some money from the cup runs.

It is back in our hands next season. We still have some problems and we have been talking to creditors. It will be tight but I am confident we can get through.

Will those who have bought season tickets get a refund if we go down?

You pay to watch football and no there won’t be a refund.

If we were to make it could we survive in the Premiership?

We would certainly be a very small club in the Premiership but we would like the chance.

Are you looking forward to tonight’s game?

We have sold 15,000 tickets but you can still come down, it is only a tenner.

I’m not so sure I am looking forward to the game but I am looking forward to a win.

Barry agreed to return to take more questions after the season.