Puma Youth Alliance League Fixtures 2008/09

Last updated : 08 May 2009 By Tony Scholes


Jul15BRADFORD CITY (F)H5-2Fletcher(2), og, Devenney, Knowles
21Rangers (F)a0-1
24Partick Thistle (F)a0-1
26Motherwell (F)a3-0Fletcher(3 1pen)
31Barnsley (F)a5-0Newman(3), Anderson, King
Aug2Colne (F)a0-2
9Stoke City (F)a1-2Brown
16Carlisle Uniteda4-2Harvey(2), Hoskin, Craggs(pen)
23Stockport Countya2-0Anderson(2)
30MORECAMBEh5-1Knowles, Newman, Harvey, Devenney, King
Sep6Rochdale (F)a2-2King Craggs
13Stockport Countya7-2og Fletcher(3) Harvey Devenney Knowles
20ROCHDALEh5-1Fletcher(3) Craggs Chaggar
Oct4Burya4-3Newman(3) Knowles
11ROTHERHAM (All Cup)h4-0Fletcher(2) Anderson og
18ACCRINGTON STANLEYh2-0Harvey Anderson
25Morecambea7-2Fletcher(4) Knowles Lynch Kudiersky
Nov1PRESTON NORTH ENDh3-2Fletcher Anderson Craggs
22Shrewsbury (All Cup)a2-2Devenney Anderson (lost 9-8 on pens)
29Accrington Stanleya5-1Fletcher(2) King Kudiersky Newman
Dec15WEST BROM (FAYC)h3-1King Fletcher(pen) Knowles
Jan15EVERTON (FAYC)h1-3Craggs
24Rochdalea3-2Anderson Fletcher Kudiersky
Feb18Bury (Lancs FAYC)a3-1Newman Fletcher(2)
21TRANMERE ROVERSh2-1Newman(2)
28BURYh3-0Knowles Fletcher Craggs
14WIGAN ATHLETICh2-1Devenney(2)
28CHESTER CITYh3-0Newman Devenney Knowles
30Oldham (Lancs FAYC)a3-1Fletcher(3)
Apr4PORT VALEh3-0Knowles Newman King
6Tranmere (Lancs FAYC)a3-0Fletcher(2 1pen) Kudiersky
11TRANMERE ROVERSh2-0Newman King
20SHREWSBURY TOWNh2-2Wilson Devenney
22Preston (Lancs FAYC)a2-3Knowles King
25OLDHAM ATHLETICh2-1Fletcher(2)
May2Oldham Athletica0-0
4Preston North Enda3-7T Taylor, Knowles, Chaggar

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