Next Game ? Franchise (away)

Last updated : 04 May 2003 By Tony Scholes

With our supporters being asked to stay and boycott this charade it is comforting to hear that we have sold just 150 tickets although I do suspect that more will pay on the day. It is the game that shouldn’t be allowed to take place, against a club that has taken away Wimbledon’s right to a First Division place.

Next season the franchising will be complete when they start playing games in an inadequate hockey stadium in a town that has no right to a Football League club having made no attempt to win a place via the system that is in place.

Mind you some people still don’t understand. Only yesterday our own assistant manager Sam Ellis said, "I suppose they are trying to go to a place where they feel they have a chance of getting better support."

That’s wrong Sam, they are going to a place where they think they can make some money. It’s a property deal, nothing to do with football.

I know some Burnley fans will be at the game tomorrow and they will see a Burnley team again stripped of a number of players due to injury. There will be no farewell appearances from Paul Cook and Ian Cox, both are still out injured and also out will be Dean West, Paul Weller, Driss Diallo and Alan Moore.

Tony Grant, having been absent recently, has played in two reserve games this week and will be added to the squad whilst Steve Davis could be given the chance to wear the Claret & Blue one last time.

Who plays in goal will be interesting. Whichever way Stan decides he will be asking a keeper he has just released to go out and play. Nik Michopoulos has made a miraculous recovery from the injury he picked up last week and both he and Marlon have played in the reserves this week.

It is difficult to determine just who will start but Stan will select from: Nik Michopoulos, Marlon Beresford, Mark McGregor, Steve Davis, Graham Branch, Arthur Gnohere, Ian Moore, Richard Chaplow, Robbie Blake, Brad Maylett, Gareth Taylor, Matt O’Neill, Dimitri Papadopoulos, Tony Grant, Andrew Waine, Andrew Leeson, Mark Rasmussen.

The referee is Paul Armstrong from Thatcham in Berkshire and this will be his first Burnley game. He was at Selhurst Park just a month ago though and sent off Franchise’s Adam Nowland.

For those of you who do feel compelled to go to the game then please give the lads your support and those of us who felt unable to go will see you all next season.