We've just got to try and be more ruthless

Last updated : 08 January 2006 By Tony Scholes

Brown thought playing it at home was very much a factor in their win with the support from the stands being crucial to the win that sees them progress to the 4th round of the competition.

“It was a good performance from many individuals and we worked very hard against a decent team from our own division,” Brown said after the game. “We used home advantage to our advantage and I think in the end that won us the game.

“People ram home stats to me all the time when you are on runs and it shows to a certain extent, but all you can say now is that you have won the last game, and hopefully we can now take that forward. Hard work is the first thing you look for and if you’ve got that in place then organisation, shape, discipline and everything else will follow.

“I said to the lads before the game that we have got enough talent to win, we have been creating chances all season, and if we do that again then we’ve got to keep the back door shut.”

Speaking about their two goals he added, “He is claiming the first goal, as any striker would do, but the second was a peach, a quality goal from a quality player. He has bided his time as it has been difficult for him in a transitional time for the club, and finding out the right players for the right system is one of the hardest parts of my job. Today, the system suited Paul, it suited Inigo Idiakez, and it suited the wide players.”

Steve Cotterill reflected on a second away performance in a week where we didn’t get what we deserved and said, “We felt we did enough to get something out of the game, at the very least a draw. They had two chances and scored two goals, we’ve had six chances and scored just once. I do think that if we’d got a second goal in the first half, we would have gone on to win it.

“There are no second chances in the FA Cup though and you have to get a result out of it s we are disappointed not to have done. We had some good times in this competition last year and in the Carling Cup and we wanted to have those times again but unfortunately that’s not going to be the case now.

“It gives us a break now, but you probably don’t want a break and we very much wanted to be in the fourth round and to be making money for the club, and we wanted the potential of pitting our wits against the big guns. We did that a lot last year and we developed a taste for it.

“It hasn’t fallen our way though and now we have got a free Saturday and we could look at giving the lads a break then.”

Commenting on the goals that beat us he said, “There was a deflection over Brian Jensen for the first goal and for the second they threaded the ball through and Peschisolido has told our boys that he went to cross it. From where I was sat it looked a magnificent finish though.

“There’s nothing we can do about it now though, although our last two away performances have been better. We’ve had enough chances to get something out of the game without a shadow of a doubt. It is just disappointing for us that we are not in the draw for the fourth round.”

On our chances he added, “The players are human and they are going to miss chances. We’ve just got to try and be more ruthless. There is a lot to look forward to though, we are 8th in the table and the rest of the season is very much still alive.

“We’ve worked hard to get back in contention and we’ve got 18 games left. If we can mirror image the last 18 games we could get 71 points and that would get us into the play offs this year.”