We got burnt and that's what killed us

Last updated : 18 September 2005 By Tony Scholes

Scott revealed after the game that he always intended bringing back goal scorer Mickey Evans given his performance against us last season when the game also ended 1-0 to Plymouth.

“I told Mickey last Monday that he wouldn’t be playing on Tuesday, but that I was saving him for the Burnley game,” Scott said. “He scored the winning goal, which is great, but he should have had more. If he’d scored with a header at the end he would have spared everybody the grief of the last three or four minutes.”

He admitted that those closing minutes were nerve wracking, adding, “When Burnley are getting the ball up and around our penalty box, crosses into our box, and corner kicks then one goal isn’t enough. But all credit to the boys, they didn’t allow them to score and it is great for us to keep a clean sheet.

“In fairness Burnley had one or two decent chances that they put by the goal, thankfully, but, overall, I though we ever so slightly deserved the points. We knew it was going to be a battle and we had to win that battle to earn the right to play football. I thought we played some good football at times, when we were allowed to.

“At the end of the day, we have won the game, which was the most important thing. We’ve got to build on that. It will give the players a big boost and it also gives the fans a big boost.”

Steve Cotterill again so us concede a goal through an individual mistake, this time from Micah Hyde and admitted, “It was another individual error again, but the performance was okay. The goal was straight from the kick off at the start of the second half and we did exactly the same the other week but didn’t get burnt from it. Today we did get burnt and that’s what killed us.”

“I don’t think they looked like scoring and I think the game had 0-0 written all over it. We were poor in their box and they didn’t look like opening us up. We did have enough chances to win two games, but we need a bit more conviction in front of goal.”

With the Clarets now in the bottom three he added, “We don’t want to be down there but if that’s where we are then that’s where we are. We have to accept that, deal with it and move on.”