We didn't do enough in this game

Last updated : 08 November 2007 By Tony Scholes
Mr gamesmanship himself, the fake tanned Phil Brown, got up to his usual antics again on Tuesday. Running on the pitch, kicking the ball away, the time wasting and all the horrible stuff we don't really want in the game. But no one could deny his, and Hull's right to all three points.

Brown said: "I wanted legs in the team and a bit of pace up front because it is a long pitch at Turf Moor. There was always going to be grass behind the back four and that is why I went for Stephen McPhee.

"People talked about our tactics on Saturday with Jay-Jay Okocha playing on the left, but Bryan Hughes is similar in that he's a ball player, he's not a winger. He had chances to win the game in the first half but didn't take them. Once that first goal goes in for him, hopefully the floodgates will open.

"We managed to get more ball and quality possession to him than we did to Jay-Jay on Saturday. This was a different game because we took care of the ball in vital areas. People were talking about us not having won away from home for seven weeks and being inconsistent, but I think that is nonsense. There have been some great performances so far."

Steve Cotterill certainly looked deflated when he met the media after the game and admitted he couldn't quite work out how the same players could play so well (at Sheffield United) and then so poorly.

"On the back of a good result on Saturday, we shouldn't get too edgy about playing at home. But there is becoming a pattern and we are not doing so well at home, something is not quite right.

"We didn't do enough in this game and it is amazing that the same eleven players that were so committed on Saturday can play like that tonight. That doesn't get you anywhere near the top half of the table. It has to be consistent and we have just had a big chat about that.

"All in all it has been a really disappointing night. If we had shown the same commitment and endeavour than as Saturday, we would have won this game. But we probably only had three players and that isn't enough to win you a game."