I am absolutely naffed off

Last updated : 21 December 2003 By Tony Scholes

It is Clarets’ boss Stan Ternent who dominates on this occasion although Preston’s Weary Whinger Craig Brown did have a few words after his side had beaten us 5-3 at Deepdale in the most extraordinary of games.

"We had the one player who could score out of nothing today in Ricardo Fuller and everyone would agree that he won the game for us," said WW. "But if you take the goals out it was very much an even game.

"We are obviously delighted that we’ve come unobtrusively into the top group in the league but we are certainly not getting carried away because there are still some deficiencies to be ironed out if are to remain in a lofted position in the league.

"Losing three goals at home is, quite frankly, unacceptable and a repeat of this slipshod defending will mean that we won’t remain in the top six for long. We will work the players even harder to ensure that there are no mid-season slip ups."

Before moving on to Stan it is worth noting that Preston keeper Jonathan Gould and central defender Chris Lucketti both thought that it was a magnificent game to play in but full back Graham Alexander thought it was anything but a good game.

Now Stan and he appeared after the match after rumours had spread throughout Deepdale that he had resigned his position of manager of Burnley Football Club, this probably the first time since the 3-0 defeat at Reading last season.

In a post match press conference that was described by the home club as confrontational he was not best pleased and it has been reported that he claimed that any suggestion of a resignation was bollocks.

The Preston club claimed that much of what Stan had to say was unprintable but he was certainly in a confused state as he first claimed that everything would remain in the dressing room before then lambasting one of his players.

"What happens in the dressing room stays in that dressing room so it is not good asking me if there were individual errors," he said. But then added.

"The goalkeeper had a nightmare (described by the Preston club as a knight mare). That HAS come out of the dressing room, I have told you that and that is the last time I single anyone out.

"You have been to the game and seen it and the goalkeeper (Brian Jensen) is to blame for at least four of the goals. That is how I see it as a professional football manager. We work as a team, we create chances as a team and we score goals as a team and we defend as a team but when one player has a day like he has then ……

"But it is no coincidence that we have 40 goals conceded. You have to look somewhere so that would be a defensive problem I would have thought."

So was Stan disappointed with it all? "Disappointed? Suicidal would be more like it. We scored three, should have scored ten and created four if not five of theirs so at least we were entertaining.

"I am absolutely naffed off today because we were by miles the better side in my view. If you agree with me then you agree, if you don’t then you don’t. You don’t always get what you deserve in football.

"We played fantastically well today and I am sure Craig Brown would acknowledge that they have been very fortunate."

When asked about the possibility of bringing in new players but having said that he would not be bringing anyone in he suggested that Preston might want to.

"Ask Craig Brown about the transfer window," he said. "He will tell you the same thing I have told you. He will want three or four more players to maintain his place in the play offs (Preston are outside the play offs only on goal difference) or to make a push for an automatic promotion. You don’t need to be Einstein to know that, it is how it works."

And then finally onto the supposed resignation that was flying round Deepdale.

"Under no circumstances would I resign from Burnley Football Club," he announced. "The Chairman will have come across because he will have been as naffed off as I am.

"I would not let this Football Club down, I wouldn’t let the Chairman down, who has been brilliant, and I would not let my board of directors down. If they want me to leave then that is a different ball game.

"As far as resigning or turning anything in, I have never done it in my life and I don’t intend to start now so I would like to make that perfectly crystal clear."

That’s it then, Stan is naffed off but is still manager of Burnley Football Club and he will surely now as a matter of urgency be wanting to do something about a goalkeeper that is beginning to make a liability look impressive.

Whether the players will be allowed too much plum duff though isn’t clear, we’ll find out at Crewe on Friday.