Pato's day at the Turf

Martin Paterson
Paterson was back in the starting line up for the first time since September. He'd had some substitute appearances since returning from injury but with David Nugent unavailable he stepped in to some effect.

He scored a superb equaliser in the first half and gave the Pompey back line a difficult time all afternoon. He certainly didn't deserve to end the game on the losing side.

Last week Cork took 72.6% of the vote but Paterson passed that and by some distance with 83.5%, just 3.3% fewer than Brian Jensen's best of the season at Chelsea. It left the rest of them picking up scraps and that meant 3.2% was enough to give Robbie Blake second place whilst Steven Fletcher claimed third place with 2.6% of the vote.

Again, in the player ratings on the message board, Pato was the easy winner with a rating of 7.86 out of 10. This time goalkeeper Jensen came second with 6.65 whilst a rating of 6.37 out of 10 was enough to give Cork third place.

Paterson therefore gets the maximum six points towards the Clarets Mad Player of the Year. There are two points each for Blake and Jensen with Fletcher and Cork both getting one point.

These are Paterson's first points of the season, and overall it has made little difference to the current Player of the Year Table although Jensen has now joined Tyrone Mears in fourth place.

The Current Table

63: Chris Eagles
50: Steven Fletcher
40: Andre Bikey
32: Brian Jensen & Tyrone Mears
26: Clarke Carlisle
15: Stephen Jordan
14: Wade Elliott & Kevin McDonald
13: David Nugent
10: Graham Alexander & Michael Duff
9: Jack Cork
8: David Edgar
7: Leon Cort
6: Fernando Guerrero & Martin Paterson
5: Chris McCann
4: Robbie Blake, Danny Fox & Joey Gudjonsson
2: Diego Penny
1: Steven Caldwell