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Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas Column
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Pencils up his nose and a pair of pants on his head
It was just one of the media tributes that came Burnley's way after the defeat ...
Have we upset the football Gods?
I had to laugh. The red collecting buckets were out before the West Brom game. The word Ebola was on the side and the ...
Let's not forget where we are
It was time to move on. We were all agreed on that. Just about all of us had felt less positive than usual.
Not the best of weekends
Steve Cotterill was in the news over the weekend of the FA Cup when Bristol City were at home to West Ham.
Heroes, wingers and Tom Finney
Out of the Cup, a blessing in disguise, two weeks to re-charge batteries, let the bruises go down and get injured ...
How to start a Lada & lose 2 games
Well: that was a grim week, and then some. We found the knack of scoring goals at one end, but then leaked like a sieve ...
The Duracell men
I've not told anyone but I fell going up the stairs at Turf Moor some weeks ago. It was the evening game against ...
Disappearing cup magic
Burnley v Tottenham in the third round of the cup, a wonderfully attractive mouth-watering tie; and yet it passed by at ...
Up on cloud nine
The day after the City game I was out buying newspapers. It's one of the pleasures of being in the Premier League, all ...
Down Buchan & Etihad Lane
'What a stadium Turf Moor was,' wrote Jim Pilling after he'd seen the Buchan Burnley book.
A Birthday and 55 years a Claret
Dear God I hit the 70 mark on Boxing Day. When I was a kid I used to work out how old I'd be in the year 2000. I was ...
Down Buchan Lane - 2
The cup draw that pitted Burnley against Tottenham no doubt produced a few 'ooohs'.
Down Buchan Lane
A couple of things set me thinking this week.
A Weekend Away
The word was out. Roy Keane had left Villa following a row with senior players during training.
The Road to Salvation
We'd had a week in Kent and on Stoke matchday were heading back north up a reasonably quiet M1. On a busy day we can ...
In with a shout
I'm not sure the whole nation rejoiced but we certainly did in Burnley and our little corner of Leeds and all the ...
Eddie Clamp would have sorted 'im
The Golden Vision he was called, Scotsman Alex Young that is, the Everton centre forward of the sixties who had feet ...
This time it's Sanchez
They were emerging in slowly increasing numbers after the Everton defeat on websites, message-boards and blogs.
A Win for Uncle Arthur
The law of averages said surely this might be the day. Somebody had posted on a message board that it had been six ...
We only have one lightbulb for now
It must be one of the great lines in sports writing. And it happened at Burnley. It came in a superb piece for the NBC ...
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